List Ebook

1 Retail Consolidation and Produce Buying Practices: A Summary of the Evidence and Potential Industry Richard J. Sexton, Timothy J. Richards and Paul M. Patterson
2 Encyclopedia of Management, 5th ed. Edited by Marilyn M. Helms, D.B.A.
3 Encyclopedia of Public Administration & Public Policy David Schultz
4 Encyclopedia of Public Administration & Public Policy Jack Rabin
5 Sound Governance Policy and Admin Ali Farazmand
6 The New Face Of Government David E. MCNABB
7 Handbook of Governmental Accounting Frederic B. Bogui
8 Elements of Effective Governance Kathe Callahan
9 An Islamic Perspective on Governance Zafar Iqbal, Mervyn K. Lewis
10 Asian Regional Governance Kaniskha Jayasuriya
11 Business Improvement Districts
12 Cross-Border Governance in the European Union
13 Going Local Marilee S. Grindle
14 Good Governance and RESULT BASED MONITORING Sarfraz Khawaja
15 Good Governance for Nonprofits Fredric L. Laughlin, Robert C. Andringa

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